Nonprofit Organizations

Weintraub attorneys regularly assist nonprofit organizations with their unique legal needs, from formation and obtaining tax-exempt status, to counseling them on management roles and responsibilities, fiduciary duties of directors and interested party transactions, proper fundraising techniques, and tax-related matters to maintain federal and state tax compliance.

Our experienced attorneys counsel nonprofits on an array of matters that affect day-to-day operations, such as paid and unpaid directors, contract negotiations, data privacy, and the protection of intellectual property. We work with nonprofits to assist them through complex regulatory, tax, and corporate frameworks, and provide advice on tax exemption and tax planning.

We have also assisted clients in both winding up and merging nonprofit entities. From this experience, our attorneys are familiar with the related considerations of avoiding private inurement, obtaining the proper IRS, state tax authority, and state Attorney General approvals, as well as the practical considerations involved in winding up or merging nonprofits.

Our clients include healthcare organizations, public charities, colleges and universities, social service organizations, and religious organizations. Our attorneys advise corporate foundations, advocacy groups, trade associations, and a number of other nonprofit and tax-exempt entities. Our experience extends from small foundations seeking to establish nonprofit status to large associations that have multiple offices located throughout the state. Our decades of combined experience allow us to provide comprehensive representation for our nonprofit clients to help them accomplish their operational goals and further their missions.

Weintraub Tobin Announces Gary Rothstein to Join San Francisco Office

Download: Press Release. Gary Rothstein.pdf San Francisco, California – July 10, 2014 – Weintraub Tobin, a business law and litigation firm, is pleased to announce that Gary Rothstein has joined the San Francisco office.

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Move Over Vanna White, Here Comes Marion Barry’s Kidney

By: Intellectual Property Group In 2008, former Mayor of Washington, D.C., and then council member Marion Barry became ill with a kidney disease. To survive the illness, Mr. Barry required a kidney transplant,

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Who’s the Boss? New Bill Seeks to Redefine “Supervisor” Under Title VII

By: Labor & Employment Last year, the Supreme Court finally clarified the long open question: “Who is a Supervisor under Title VII?” As discussed in our previous post, in Vance, the Supreme Court held that a supervisor is someone who is “empowered by the employer to take tangible employment actions” against a complaining employee.

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Partnerships Beware! Partners May Have Claims for Unlawful Retaliation under FEHA

On May 16, 2012, a California Appellate Court issued its ruling in Fitzsimons v. California Emergency Physicians Medical Group and held that a partner could state a claim for unlawful retaliation against her partnership under the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (“FEHA”).

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