L&E Seminar: How to Inoculate Your Business Against Wage and Hour Lawsuits

  • When: Aug 16, 2023 02:30 pm PDT - 04:30 pm PDT
  • Where: 400 Capitol Mall, 11th Floor Sacramento, CA 95814

On August 16th, Shauna Correia, Ryan Abernethy and Nikki Mahmoudi of Weintraub Tobin’s Labor & Employment Group hosted a seminar discussing ten pay practices that businesses should be using to increase their immunity to class action and PAGA lawsuits. 

  1. Properly classifying employees
  2. Ensuring thorough and accurate time records are kept for all non-exempt employees
  3. Prohibiting off-the-clock work
  4. Never rounding employee meals or work hours
  5. Providing wage statements that reflect all required information
  6. Paying the proper rate (including minimum wages and properly calculating the regular rate of pay)
  7. Reimbursing for business expenses
  8. Providing compliant meal and rest periods
  9. Providing employees with a way to easily report any non-compliant meal and/or rest periods
  10. Self-audits

Unfortunately, wage and hour lawsuits continue to plague California employers. Employers are often sued because of technical violations that occur simply because the employer is unaware of its legal obligations. In this webinar, we seek to provide key insight to help you avoid any such violations.