L&E Seminar: Navigating the Complex Maze of Leave of Absence and Accommodation Laws

  • When: Sep 20, 2023 09:30 am PDT - 11:30 am PDT
  • Where: Weintraub Tobin, 400 Capitol Mall, 11th Floor, Sacramento, CA 95814

Navigating and administering leaves of absence in California has never been easy. Employers have to first understand which statutory leaves apply to their workplace, then ensure that they not only have policies in place regarding those leaves, but also administer those leaves properly. Often times, various leave statutes, reasonable accommodation statutes, and partial wage-replacement statutes overlap in a given situation, making compliance with the law even more difficult.

On September 20th, attorneys Tomiwa T. Aina, Megan D. Bainbridge, and James Kachmar provided a summary of the complex statutory scheme of leave and accommodation laws under federal and state law, and provided some helpful insights and best practices for compliance. They discussed who is eligible and under what circumstances and highlighted the particular rights and obligations for both employers and employees. 

Program Highlights

•     A summary of federal and state statutory leave laws,

  • including the BIG ONES like family medical leave under the FMLA and CFRA, pregnancy disability leave, sick leave, and military leave; and
  • the many others like organ/bone marrow donation leave, domestic violence/sexual assault victim leave, school appearance leave, school/childcare activities leave, civil air patrol leave, emergency personnel leave, and military spouse leave.

•     The difference between a statutory leave of absence, and a leave of absence as a form of reasonable accommodation.

•     The difference between a statutory leave of absence, and wage replacement benefits.

•     A discussion of when and how the various laws can overlap.

•     The importance of understanding employee eligibility under the law, and properly notifying employees and designating leaves of absence.

•     Effective documentation for administering leaves and accommodations.