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The World of Accommodations: Disabled Employees and Customers

Summary of Program

Most business owners know that customers and employees may need to be accommodated from time to time for various reasons. Often this is beacuse of an employee’s disability, medical condition or a condition present on property owned by the business and open to the public. It is important for business owners to understand and comply with how the courts and various federal and state regulatory agencies define accommodations, as well as learn what business owners’ rights and obligations are regarding: (1) engaging in the interactive process; (2) providing reasonable accommodations; and (3) removing barriers to access.

Program Highlights:

This informative seminar will cover the many accommodations business owners, employers and HR Professionals may be forced to consider, who should be accommodated, and how to engage in an interactive process to determine an appropriate accommodation. Topics will include:

  • How to Determine Who is Entitled to an Accommodation;
  • How to Engage in the Interactive Process and How to Know When to Initiate the Initial Discussion;
  • The Various Protected Classes and/or Activities Entitling an Employee to an Accommodation—including things like disability, religion, and illiteracy, to name a few;
  • Service Animals in the Workplace;
  • How to Effectively Document the Accommodation; and
  • Recent Developments in Accommodation Law.
  • A primer on Title II “Public Accommodation” Liability
  • Disabled Access Cases
    • ADA Mills Are Still Active
    • How Alterations to Your Property May Affect Your Obligations Under the ADA
    • It’s Not Just the ADA

Seminar Program

9:00 a.m. Registration and Breakfast
9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. Seminar

This seminar is also available via webinar. Please indicate in your RSVP if you will be attending via webinar.

If attending via webinar, MCLE credit will be provided upon verification of attendance for the entirety of the webcast.

Approved for 2 hours MCLE credit. This program has been submitted to the HR Certification Institute for review.

There is no charge for this seminar.


Ramona Carrillo

400 Capitol Mall, 11th Floor

Sacramento, CA 95814

916.558.6046 | [email protected]

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Employment Law Update – 2014 A Year in Review | 2015 An Interesting Year Ahead (Sacramento)

Summary of Program

Join the attorneys from Weintraub Tobin’s Labor and Employment Group as they discuss important legal developments from 2014 and review the complexities of a number of new laws facing employers in 2015.

Program Highlights

  • New Federal and State Legislation and Regulatory Requirements—Compliance is Harder Than Ever!
  • Updates in the World of Harassment, Discrimination and Retaliation Law.
  • Privacy: Social Media and Beyond.
  • The Ongoing Headache of Keeping Up with the Complex Laws Relating to Leaves of Absence and Reasonable Accommodations.
  • Developments and Trends in Wage and Hour Litigation.
  • The NLRB’s Continued Attack on the Non-Union Workplace.

Seminar Program

8:30 am Registration and Breakfast

9:00 am – 12:00 pm Seminar

Approved for 3 hours MCLE credit. This program will be submitted to the HR Certification Institute for review.

There is no charge for this seminar


Weintraub Tobin
400 Capitol Mall, 11th Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814


Ramona Carrillo
400 Capitol Mall, 11th Fl.
Sacramento, CA 95814
916.558.6046 | [email protected]

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Webinar: Untangling the Top 10 Accommodation and Leave Knots

Navigating and administering leaves of absence in California has never been easy. Employers have to first understand which statutory leaves apply to their workplace, then ensure that they not only have policies in place regarding those leaves but also administer those leaves properly. Often, various leave statutes, reasonable accommodation statutes, and partial wage-replacement statutes overlap in a given situation, making compliance with the law even more difficult.

In a live webinar, Weintraub Tobin’s employment law attorneys, Lizbeth “Beth” West and Ryan Abernethy provided a summary of the complex statutory scheme of leave and accommodation laws under federal and state law and provide some helpful insights and best practices for compliance. They discussed who is eligible and under what circumstances and highlight the particular rights and obligations of both employers and employees.