Webinar - Mandatory Sexual Harassment Prevention Virtual Training: Engaging and Effective Training for Non-Supervisors and/or Supervisors

The regulations regarding California’s Mandatory Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for non-supervisors and supervisors require that employers with five or more employees provide at least two hours of classroom or interactive training for supervisors and at least one hour of classroom or interactive training for non-supervisors. Training must be provided every two years.

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Webinar: A Conversation with First Generation Attorneys - Advice to my Younger Self

On November 17, The Diversity and Inclusion Committee of the Barristers Club of BASF will present A Conversation with First Generation Attorneys – Advice to my Younger Self. Jacqueline Simonovich will serve as the event moderator. The webinar will feature five attorneys at various phases in their careers, from junior associate to experienced in house counsel, who are the first lawyers in their families, as they provide advice to other first-generation attorneys and stories of how they’ve overcome obstacles in their careers.

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Webinar: Avoiding the Bully Pulpit - Best Practices for Creating an Inclusive Workplace Free of Bullying and Intimidation

Federal and state OSHA laws require California employers to prevent and respond to violence in the workplace.  Federal and state EEO laws require California employers to prevent and respond to harassment and discrimination in the workplace.  But what about bullying?  What is it? Are employers responsible for preventing it? Is there a law against it? What should employers know and what should they do to avoid bullying in the workplace?

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Webinar: Comic Book Law 101 - The Ins-and-Outs of The Comic Book Industry

On September 8, Weintraub Shareholder Matt Sugarman will present as part of the American Bar Association webinar Comic Book Law 101.

This panel will explore the comic book industry, its place in greater pop culture, and the key legal issues attorneys practicing in this area should know. Topics covered will include publishing contracts, option agreements, and intellectual property rights in the comic book industry.

For more information or to register,

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Webinar: The Employment Life Cycle: EEO Compliance from Hiring to Firing

On September 1, 2021, Meagan Bainbridge, Katie Collins, and Zack Thompson hosted an informative webinar covering the lifespan of the employment relationship. They discussed applicable laws and best practices to help business owners, human resource professionals, and managers reduce the risk of liability when they interview, hire, discipline, and terminate employees.

Program Highlights

  • Lawful and effective job postings,

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Webinar: They Manage Your Workforce and They Can Get You Sued: The Importance of Training Managers and Supervisors to Comply with Employment Law

A supervisor’s action (or inaction) is often what results in liability for an employer. Not because the supervisor necessarily intends to expose an employer to legal liability but merely because the supervisor hasn’t been trained regarding the employer’s legal obligations in relation to its employees.

Employers are encouraged to train supervisors on various employment law topics, including but not limited to: harassment, discrimination, and retaliation; privacy rights; disability accommodations;

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Webinar: You May Not See Them, But They’re Still Working: Tips to Help Ensure Your Remote Workers are Still Complying with Employment Laws and Policies

On June 30, 2021,  Ryan Abernethy presented this webinar addressing employment and labor code complications that telecommuting naturally presents and offering tips on how to ensure remote workers still comply with company policies.

Last year, COVID-19 forced many companies to make spur-of-the-moment telecommuting arrangements with their employees. With the end of the pandemic now on the horizon, many of those companies are looking to make telecommuting a more permanent feature of their normal business.

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